Digital Toolbox: Toggl

Digital Toolbox: Toggl

I recently hosted the first of a new series of events looking at the various online apps and tools that business owners can use to run their business more effectively. For the launch event, local crowdfunding consultant, Adria Tarrida, took us through how he uses Toggl, the web-based time tracking app.

Adria's gave a great demo which generated quite a bit of discussion afterwards. While we did try to record the talk, the footage was not usable, so I've decided to turn it into a blog post instead.

For those of you who may not have come across it before, Toggl is an app that allows you to track how long you spend on the things you do throughout the day. It even allows you to allocate time to different projects and clients.

Adria used his Toggl account to demonstrate how simple it was to use. Toggl makes it incredibly easy to record time and assign it to different projects, either as you go or retrospectively. Correcting mistakes and adding new clients and projects on the go is quick and straightforward. But the real value of Toggle comes from analysing the data you collect.

As businesses, we are normally quite good at understanding where revenue comes from, but that is only half of the picture. Knowing where our time goes, and how that relates to sources of income, is how we can see where we need to focus our efforts.

Adria even showed how he had taken his time tracking into her personal life, to help him understand how he spent his time outside of work. Simon Pither from PaTMa echoed the benefits of taking your time tracking beyond just your work life.

One criticism of Toggl that came up was that the mobile app could be a bit more tricky. It was also rightly pointed out that there was no getting around the fact that time tracking requires discipline, no matter which app you use. But for those who can turn time tracking into a habit, Toggl can open up a wealth of actionable information you can use to spend your time more effectively.

I want to say a big Thank you to Adria for giving up his time to show us Toggl. If you have any questions about Toggl or Crowdfunding, you can find Adria on Twitter and Linkedin.If you want to hear about the next event, join my events mailing list on mailchimp