Make life easier on yourself by using a password manager

Make life easier on yourself by using a password manager

One of the top security recommendations I can give people is to use a password manager. Not only do they allow you to follow good practice for password security, such as using unique passwords for each account and making them long and complex, but they also make the general management of login details far less stressful.

Keep things organised

The first benefit is that they can help you keep your passwords organised. We all use a wide range of online services, most of which require a username and password. Keeping track of them all, especially when many of them are not used regularly, is a job in itself. Good password managers come with the tools to make managing and accessing your logins much easier, such as browser extensions that automatically lookup the logins for the website you are on.

No more relying on your browser to remember your login details

We all know what it is like to have your web browser store all your logins, only to then get stuck when you clear all your browser data, use a different computer, or even just a different browser. All of a sudden you can’t get access to your accounts anymore, and there is very little you can do other than reset them.

Updating your password is quick and easy

Most password managers make it extremely quick and easy to generate and save a new password. No more having to think of something you can remember or writing your new password down (remember to scribble out the old one). So when you get an email to say a service you use may have been compromised, your account can be secure again within minutes.

Sharing passwords is far less risky

We all have times when we need to share a password with someone else. With a password manager, you can make all your passwords unique, meaning that when you share a password with someone, you don’t have to worry about them knowing (or being able to guess) all your other passwords as well. And as we have just said, changing your password again when they no longer need it is a breeze.

Some password manages actually include the ability to share passwords with other users, which is great for accounts you may share with family members. This means if you have to update a password, you don’t have to worry about distributing it with the others.

Password managers are not perfect

Now I should state that no system of managing passwords is full proof. All we can do is reduce the risk of our passwords being stolen or guessed. Password managers do introduce a risk in that if someone manages to gain access to your password manager, they would then have access to everything, but the benefits of using a password manager far outweigh this small drawback. Password managers make it their business to keep your accounts safe and secure, and the main reputable password managers will do it far better than most of us.