Infrastructure Management Services

Are you struggling to manage your web-based infrastructure?

Get in touch to discuss how you can improve your web based infastructure. I can help you manage your online systems to ensure they deliver the performance and reliability you need

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Shared website hosting

If you need a secure, reliable place to host your website, I can provide high-quality UK shared hosting space. Each account comes with its own cPanel login, or I can manage everything for you.

Dedicated servers

If you need dedicated computing power for your site or app, I can provide and manage dedicated servers. Modern Virtual Private Servers enable you to have a strong platform dedicated just for you. It can also scale with your requirements.

Distributed systems

For systems that require a more heavy-duty platform, I can configure and manage distributed resources. Distributed systems allow you to spread the computing demand over a range of services. These services can be scaled up and down as required and can be load balanced to ensure everything runs smoothly.

System redundancy

For critical systems, I can configure and manage a range of redundancy and backup systems. I can create a software platform that will make sure you are always up and running.

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