Search Engine Optimisation Services

Is your website not performing well in Google?

Get in touch to discuss how I can help you attract the right visitors through search engines like Google and Bing. I can help you identify what's holding you back and the opportunities available to you that will get your website traffic flowing again.

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Keyword Research

I'll research the keywords and phrases people are using to search for products and services like yours. By understanding what your potential customers are searching for, we can see what traffic we need to target and how to convert it.

Competitor Research

I can research who your main competitors are online. I'll evaluate what they are doing online and use that data to inform us what works and what does not. Once we know about your competitors, we will create an SEO strategy designed to maximise the performance of your website.


I will manage an ongoing program of online outreach. I will identify the relationships that would be most beneficial to your business and start the process of building them. I will research each person and instigate contact on your behalf.

Content Strategy

I can design and implement an ongoing content strategy. I will create a range of content types around a central theme based on your business goals. I will manage the publishing of your content, and the recording of relevant performance information.

Conversion Optimisation

To make sure your site is making the most of the traffic it gets, I will optimise each page to maximise conversions. If not set up already, I will install and configure the relevant conversion tracking. Planning out changes and measuring their impact on your conversion rate will tell us what is working and what isn't.

Performance Tracking

I'll configure a range of data tracking methods to make sure we have a thorough understanding of your site’s performance. This will include recording traffic, conversion data, and rank tracking. We will also use third-party data to monitor a variety of performance metrics. Lastly, I will boil all this information down into some focused KPIs that I feel best represents your sites overall performance.

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