Social Media Management Services

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Get in touch to discuss the performance of your social media campaigns. I can help you design and execute a strong Social Media Strategy that delivers results for your business.

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Social Media Strategy

I will create a holistic social media strategy that works across your key social media profiles. I'll not only tell you where your ideal customers are, but also how to reach them. I'll look at what platforms work best for your business, what content you should be creating, and how you should share it.

Advert Creation

I'll research your target market to understand your ideal customers. From that information, I will work with you to define specific audience groups that we can then target.

Content Curation

I'll research and collate a range of shareable content that will help deliver the key messages you want to spread. By sharing the right content, I'll help you communicate your company values to the people you want to speak to most.

Paid promotion

Using defined audiences, I will create and promote content designed to get their attention. I'll use a variety of paid content promotion to reach out to people matching your target market.

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