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WordPress Support

Each WordPress Care Package comes with my support. This support can be used to ask my for advice, training, or to undertake tasks on your behalf. Each level of care package includes a different amount of support to suit your requirements.

Website Backups

We will safeguard your website by maintaining a remote incremental backup. These backups will also be run before any updates. The Premium Care Package comes with a secondary backup system for additional security.

Website Security Scans

Websites are constantly under attack from hackers, and it is not always obvious when they have been successful. Regular security scans will help identify any malware infecting your site so that it can be removed promptly and safely.

Website Performance Scans

The time it takes your website to load can have a significant impact on user experience and search engine performance. Regular performance monitoring will identify issues that could be slowing down your site so they can be dealt with promptly.

Uptime Monitoring

Many things can take your website offline, some of which will be outside your control. As a result, your website could remain offline until you next visit it. Our remote monitoring system checks your site every 5 minutes and alerts us if your site is ever offline.

Managed Updates

Making sure that WordPress, your plugins, and your themes, are all kept up to date, is an essential part of keeping your site safe and secure. Our Care Packages include monitoring and applying outstanding updates. This process includes taking a backup of your site before it is updated.

Database Optimisation

Over time, your WordPress database can become bloated with unrequired data. Things like spam comments and old post revisions can put additional strain on your database, making your site slower to respond. As part of your WordPress Care Package, we will monitor the state of your database, removing old data as required.

Monthly Traffic Reports

Understanding how people use your website can give you a key insight into how well your marketing is working. Each month we will send you an overview of the website traffic figures, so you know how people have been using your site.

Monthly Keyword Rankings

Google can be a valuable source of business. Each month we will monitor your search engine rankings for a selection of relevant search terms and send you a report showing where your website ranks.

Managed Cookie & Privacy Policies

Every website needs a good Cookie and Privacy policy. We can provide and manage both your Cookie and Privacy policy through a service called IUBENDA, which provides a comprehensive customisable Cookie and Privacy policy. Check the IUBENDA website for more information

Get In Touch

Let me know what you need help with, and I'll be happy to chat through your problems and start working on a solution.