Project details

Nicola Macdonald is a very highly regarded marketing consultant. As well as helping individual clients with their marketing needs, she runs a variety of courses aimed at helping small businesses and is a regular speaker at business events in and around her local area.

Nicola’s business has been built on her excellent reputation, so it was important to make sure her website reflected this. Visitors to the website needed to know that Nicola’s brand, Attractive Marketing, was 100% Nicola.

Being a Marketing Consultant, Nicola already had brand materials in place and some updated photographs ready for use on the new website.

A group of flippable boxes highlight the key services Nicola provides and important areas of the website. Some hand-picked testimonials reaffirm Nicola’s reputation and a blog is used to demonstrate Nicola’s expertise. Lastly, a popup is used to encourage visitors to signup for Nicola’s monthly newsletter.