Project details

Crumbs Brewing started life as a crowdfunding project with the aim of turning unsold loaves of bread into delicious beer.

Their first website was a WordPress site they created themselves. This first website served them well, but as they became more successful, their website needed to take a step up. Crumbs Brewing had grown from a crowd-started project to a national brand, and they needed a website that reflected this.

Crumbs Brewing had established branding and some fantastic product photography. Making the most of the amazing product images was a key part of the new website.

As well as showcasing the Crumbs Brewing products, the website includes eCommerce so customers can place orders directly and the ability to signup to the Crumbs Brewing mailing list.

To ensure the website is well maintained, and to assist with managing the site, Crumbs Brewing decided to take out a WordPress Care Plan. As part of the Care Plan, I make sure the website is kept up-to-date, backed up regularly, and assist with making content and layout updates on a regular basis.